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Emergency Dial 9-1-1

Blackstone Police Department is an ever changing and ever evolving organization established by the Town of Blackstone. Put in place to serve the citizens of Blackstone, the police department enforces the Town's local code as well as the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Blackstone Police Department, its officers and its support personnel, are constantly working on new and improved ways to assist the citizens in understanding the law and how the law affects their day-to-day lives.
Officers stay in constant contact with the community, working diligently to ensure the safety of not only the citizens of Blackstone, but its visitors as well. The officers cannot do this alone, however. Support personnel such as communications officers and records managers help make the officer's job easier, and it doesn't stop there. Citizens who care about their community, who are brave enough to come forward when they have information of a crime, whether the crime has occurred, is occurring, or may occur, these citizens are the true heroes. Without their help, the job of Blackstone's lone law enforcement agency could not be as effective, and close to impossible.
Naturally, every great structure has a great foundation. The history of the Blackstone Police Department lays the groundwork for what promises to be a "New Age" in law enforcement for Blackstone. With each individual officer bringing something useful to the Department, everyone will benefit.
Renovations are now in progress at the police station located in downtown Blackstone. Computers networked into an automated records management system will help ensure that accurate records will be kept and can be called upon almost instantaneously, in effect, helping the officers and support personnel work more quickly and more effectively. New office accommodations for the communications officers as well as computer aided dispatching and an upgraded E-911 system will help to make certain that calls are received and relayed to the officers efficiently.
The Blackstone Police Department will forever endeavor to improve the quality of life for its citizens. Through training and experience, we will constantly look through the lessons of today, knowing that we will have a positive influence on the community tomorrow.

Written by Dwayne Allen Sneade, July, 2003.





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