Mission Statement
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Mission Statement 

Mission Statement


            The principle mission of the Blackstone Police Department is to enforce all laws and ordinances in a fair and impartial manner by preserving the constitutional rights of all persons to live in peace by reducing fear in the community through the prevention of crime, protection against criminal attack, loss or damage to property and by preserving order in public places.


            The department will at all times work in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies, community agencies, groups, or departments to promote confidence, understanding, trust and competence from the public to achieve our police objectives.


Value Statement


            The Blackstone Police Departments value statement expresses our new motto; “Excellence and Professionalism through training and service”. We the members of the Department value Professionalism and Service.


Professionalism Encompasses:











        Lawful and ethical behavior

        A caring attitude toward fellow employees and citizens we serve.


Service is demonstrated through:




        Personal Sacrifice



        A constant improvement of ones self, the Police Department, and the Community.

        A commitment to helping others.


            It is essential that all members of the Department remember that in the execution of their duties that they act not for themselves but for the good of the community. They will respect and protect the rights of individuals and perform all police services with honesty, zeal, courage, discretion, fidelity and sound judgment without prejudice.


Vision Statement


            The Blackstone Police Department will enhance public safety and strive to improve the quality of life in Blackstone be exemplifying our values of Professionalism and Service through the use of partnerships, creative problem solving, innovative policing strategies and training.