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Police officers are an ever growing brotherhood of men and women putting their lives on the line so others can live with peace of mind knowing that there is someone they can call, should the need arise. Training to be a police officer is becoming more of a challenge every day with new standards being passed, and minimum requirements being raised. Law enforcement is a 24/7 job, working holidays, weekends, birthdays, anniversaries, and other days of personal importance, police officers make the ultimate sacrifice.





Chief Nicholas Kuzmiak, Unit #101

Sergeant Christopher Mathias, Unit #103

Investigator Sam Murphy, Unit #110

Sergeant Tony Mayton, Unit #108

Officer Clyde Rothgeb, Unit #109

Officer Lee Scott, Unit #114

Officer Seth Myers, Unit #111

Officer Chris Wallace, Unit #105

Officer Jason Robertson, Unit #107

Officer Kevin Webb, Unit #102

Officer Arthur Rolle, Unit #106