Awards and Achievements
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Awards and Achievements for 2010


A-    Diehard Award (Work Attendance) 

                        1-      3 days of sick leave

Officer Dustin Shepherd

                        2-      2 days of sick leave

Officer Candice Stembridge

Dispatcher Lindsay Webb

                        3-      1 day of sick leave
Sergeant Chris Mathias       
                        4-      Perfect Attendance

Officer Larry Chumney

Officer Shay Farley

Officer Seth Myers

Officer Clyde Rothgeb

Dispatcher Barbara Rothgeb


B-     Foot Post Award- Officer Clyde Rothgeb


C-     Excellence in Investigation 

                         Sergeant Chris Mathias   
                         Sergenat Tony Mayton 
                         Investigator Sam Murphy           
                         Officer Clyde Rothgeb 

  Officer Dustin Shepherd

                         Officer Shay Farley

  Officer Gordon Hallock

  Officer Frank Radcliff

D-    Overall Performance - 
                         Officer Shay Farley

Outstanding Performance - 

       Officer Dustin Shepherd

F-   Officer of the Year Award-

       Sergeant Tony Mayton (2008-2010) 

G-   Career Achievement Award -

       Sergeant Tony Mayton

       Officer Clyde Rothgeb